About us

The bright agency.

We create a bright tomorrow for our clients and the world as a whole. It goes without saying that in addition to the financial return and also the ecological and social return are the focus. We believe that these aspects attract rather than repel each other. With this philosophy, we want to contribute to the change towards a sustainable world and invite clients to join us on this path. Therefore the fundament for our work is about 3 core principles.


By understanding the individual goals of our clients, we are offering tailor-made solutions. To do so, we carry out an advanced in-depth analysis process.

Marketing for finance solutions

We fusion our marketing competencies with the specialization for value-oriented finance solutions. By doing so we developed an impactful marketing lead.


Our approach is to create a brighter tomorrow. Therefore we work strict value-orientated by taking sustainability, social and governmental (ESG) based projects further.

BrightShape'd Team.

Get in touch with our team! We are all high passionated about creating long term value through our wide range of expertise and competences.

Our Executive Board

brightshape jan-ole larsen

Jan-Ole Larsen (CMO)

Marketing director

sascha business komprimiert

Sascha Börgemann (CEO)

Business director