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Our service.

BrightShape is a highly specialized company for the structuring of digital financial instruments and their sustainable and value-oriented marketing. We are the first agency combining professional online and offline marketing and distribution of ESG driven investment opportunities, setting new standards for the entire industry. This includes strong brand positioning and the creation of impactful marketing and placement solutions.

A selection of our specific marketing sectors

Company brand positioning

In the fiercely competitive financial sector, the key to a serious brand is knowing exactly your market  – what is your corporate identiy, sets your service apart from the competition and is the perfect fitting value proposition for your customer.

The intersection of the three elements represents the optimal brand position and provides the basis for the brand strategy.


Each brand is unique and requires an individual tailor-made solution. In the strategy, brand goals are derived and defined from corporate objectives.

These are brought together with the preceding analysis and concrete steps are deduced, to ensure sustainable growth.

Your brand must be reflected in every aspect of your business. Therefore the brand gets sharpened in terms of identity, communication and design.

This includes the brand kit:

– Logo

– Office equipment (website, (digital) business card, letterheads and much more)

– Overall communication with all stakeholders


Impactful marketing for finance

To avoid wasting money, it is essential to create a buyer persona. This avatar will be evolved after initial analysis.

Furthermore, the funnel will be optimized for your customer, so that your brand communication is clear and well structured.

The funnel always begins in a medium. After the most suitable media have been found, only these are invested in.

Nevertheless, as many touchpoints as possible should be created with the customer, which is why cross media targeting is the best choice.

Nowadays, the customer needs trust before investing in anything. The best way to ensure this is to provide them with helpful content and communicate with them constantly.
For this it is important to know where the customer’s problems are and how you can help them to solve them.

Our purpose.

BrightShape rethinks traditional finance marketing &  distribution in a more profitable and impactful way. We believe that successful placements need a great preparation and mindset integration of the private or corporate investor, satisfying the desire of today’s ESG-oriented clients for sustainable impact investments on fixed-income or equity base.

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of all companies that are driven by values grow. For the non-value-driven company it is less than halved.

On average, these value-driven companies generate the following profit advantage:

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(Imperative & LinkedIn, 2016, Purpose at Work-The Largest Global Study on the Role of Purpose in the Workforce)


We lead through inspiring, innovative and scalable marketing & distribution to create meaningful impact.

Science based

We use the latest scientific findings to directly support our clients in achieving their goals.


We have many years of experience in this field and can rely on a large network in the on- and offline finance distribution, including family offices and sophisticated financial advisors.


We want to create and promote sustainability for our clients. We regard this value as the highest asset.


We are all people. Only together we can make a difference and make this world a better place for everyone.


We make descisions based on data. And we excel at collecting and analyzing it. Both clients and customers benefit from this.

Latest projects.

How to scale photovoltaic digital?

We surveyed specific buyer personas and customer journeys. Then we targeted the personas at key digital points with Display, Google & Facebook Ads. Appropriate landing pages were created to optimize the funnel and generate more customer insights. Through analysis, we optimized our marketing and achieved an ROI of 583%.

Who is your ideal ESG customer?

If you want to continuously be a top company for your customers, then you must also anticipate their needs. Therefore, we collect qualitative psychological data from quantitatively largest target groups. This has given us an enormously deep understanding of the actual psycho-logic involved in buying ESG. This leads to perfectly fitting consumer communications and conversions.

How looks a sustainable finance brand?

First, we surveyed the corporate identity and analysed the competition from which we wanted to differentiate.  Furthermore, we analyzed the target group which we wanted to satisfy. We merged the findings of the 3 core perspectives into a perfectly fitting brand for the market. From this, we derived the design of the brand position, corporate identity & design and customer communication.

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